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ZLORD podcast

ZLORD features two Americans seeing Oneness everywhere they look. Artist teZa and filmmaker Carter Lord start off in summer of 2019 car-camping for six months all over North America. Afterwards, they explore the inner adventures of life, experiences just as exciting and challenging to them as visiting exotic locales. Their conversations' aim is to discover just how interconnected everything is, when viewed through the unifying prism of the NOW. Seeing wonders reflected back from whatever they do, wherever they look or go, inwardly and outwardly, the couple shares with humor, unabashed honesty, with enough gusto for legions. Their banter is free and uncensored. Their views entirely their own, there is no affiliation or alignment with any organization/political party/religion/. These two are not your average American citizen by any means. Perhaps investigating such off-the-grid types as the Lords might expand your own perceptions? Drop the two a line to ask questions or comment:

Mar 14, 2022

During cohosts teZa and Carter Lord's lifetimes things have never felt so filled with things beyond their control. World events are catastrophic. Putin's Russia invading Ukraine has thrown the entire globe into a frightening tailspin. Never before has a nuclear threat loomed as REAL as we are experiencing right now. Today. So what can we do to ease the stress? Especially helping our young children through these troubled times? Here are explicit tools how to handle your own, your friends', and our children's anxiety. We must. share about our fears in a safe way. Not keep these dark feelings locked inside. But how can we do this, especially with hard-to-communicate-with children? Suicides of kids have skyrocketed since the pandemic. As a result, the US government has initiated a new hotline for mental health: 988. Please call if you are feeling suicidal and spread this message! The Lords discuss their personal approach of holding a all-equal-voices family meeting. This subject is also a major theme of teZa's nonfiction book "Zen Love." for more.